September 23, 2011

Dreamin Big!

I've had an odd-yet productive rest of the summer and time has not been kind to me when it comes to blogging. I've got a lot of things culminating though and I'm looking forward.

Growing my business is my main priority for the beginnings of fall and I've got a very LONG list of to-do's, mainly:

Finishing illustrations
Designing a new logo and business cards
Updating my site
Maintaining this blog!!!
More freelancing hardcore
Getting product ready for my Etsy shop
Incorporate my business!!! 
.....I know there's more and I'll add it to my list soon!

For now I'm ending this with an image that I found today on Design*Sponge and it's going to keep me moving forward with all of this. My "office" isn't set up perfectly, but it's mine and I have space of my own. However, someday I would love to have mine look like this:

It's just so bright and colorful!