March 22, 2012

Love Her Style...

And here's another weekly I'd like to start up..."Love Her Style".

With all of the amazing style I see in images on Pinterest, in my ridiculous amount of Magazine subscriptions, and through personal friends and acquaintances, I can't help myself! I'm going to try my best to get this thing up and running.

I found this image a few days ago and can't decide whether or not I'm obsessed with the sunset, the view, or the woman sitting so casual cool in the photo. Is it her sunglasses or her shoes??  Regardless, I love it all the same and it's going up on my inspiration board stat!

My Idea of a Perfect View

Super Green Fruit Smoothy

Too Good! Frozen Nana's, Straws, Blueberries, Mango, and a Whole Lotta Spinach!       


As I'm finishing up new little illustrations (amongst many other things) I'm so excited to dive into a new read I received in the mail today.

Children's Picturebooks, The Art of Visual Storytelling by Martin Sallisbury and Morag Styles.

Have a great morning!


March 19, 2012

Positive Start!

"Make Me Shed" Red Ruby Elixir!
I've got a preposterous amount of L.B.'s to lose and I said goodbye to my good friend "afternoon cocktails" yesterday and woke up this morning feeling motivated and positive.

I can't let all of our going ons...what with the move, packing, kids sports, and most importantly, falling behind on ceciliablue effect my body any longer.

It's an hour out of my day to work out and juicing may be a bitch to clean up afterwards but it's vital to me shrinking in time to be a proud Mom and girlfriend this it poolside or at ze beach.

Whatever goal(s) you've got...keep your head up and go back to where you left things off!

We Can Do It!!!

p.s.-the juice pictured above has the following in it:
  • whole grapefruit (peeled)
  • whole orange (peeled)
  • two fuji apps 
  • 2 full size juicing carrots
  • 1 whole beet (peeled)
Enjoy Your Day!

Spring has Sprung

...and it's been lovely! I'd be surprised if I didn't have a new image up here everyday.

Happy Monday!

xoxo Cat

Me in my favorite blue flats...thank you Target!
Bradford Pear blossoms...I took this yesterday while I was waiting for my Dad and Rob to change my flat!

March 16, 2012

Favorite Things...

I've decided that I'm going to post a new (hopefully weekly) "Favorite Things..." highlight series.

To start it off, as I'm packing, I wanted to share a vintage can that I've inherited from my Mom, via my amazing Grandmother.

It's a beautiful treasured piece that I always keep hanging around in plain sight.

As of late, it's been on my desk but who knows where it will end up after we move.

March 15, 2012


It stinks!

tech drool

Love this new Pentax cam! 
It'd be awesome to have in about an hour when I'm walking around with the bambinos!

K-01 Lens Kit with DA 40mm xs yellow

Around le office...

I'm determined to start packing up my office this weekend. I love the space that I created and I'll admit I'm a little sad. I said in a previous post, I'm excited to move forward.

Change is good...

My Inspiration sits right next to me and I have a gazillion quotes, images, and lists posted!
More Board Detail
My stash of Capiz shells!
My childhood knickknack collection...these little guys inspire me!

As soon as I look up from my desk this stares at me in the face. With all I've been growing through, it helps remind me to breathe.
The Little Guys


I'm trying my darnedest to practice it but's hard sometimes. I find myself stopping to look with envy at these two throughout the day. They seem so rested and relaxed.

We've been in the process of moving for the last 6 months and we're finally leaving the home I've lived in with the kids for the last 5 years...God Aidan was so little.

With moving comes packing and all I can do is flip flop between guilt for a) not packing (very time-sensitive move) and b) working on feels like I haven't been creative in weeks and my inspiration list just keeps growing.

The great turn a negative into a positive I'm feeling right now is the fact that the new house is a total DIY that Rob and I are really looking forward too and my new studio/office space is going to be pretty awesome!

I really feel like once the move is complete I can get back on the design track...and have fun with all of my before and afters!

So many ideas and deadlines as far as the seasons go.

I'm going to get out tomorrow and enjoy the weather and my family and try my best to leave the stress behind me. I'll post all of the floral/colorful shots tomorrow!

Happy Early Spring