May 31, 2012

One More Positive Thought

ok...seriously, does this not make you smile?!
My amazing friend just sent this to me and it put the biggest grin on my face. 
Everything Really is Going to be Amazing!

Really have to go now! ;)

xo Cat!


I wanted to take a quick second before I run out to the post office and the g-store (both of which I've been putting off ALL WEEK LONG) to share one of my favorite jewelry designers with you. 

Carly Thurman, the creative genius behind johnnymeg, fellow Virgo (watch out now), and overall Amazing Lady, designs and makes by hand, the most incredible one-of-a-kind pieces. 

You check check her shop out over on the left column and for now, 
I'm sharing one of my favorite pieces with you. 

Have a beautiful afternoon. 

xo Cat!

Positive Thoughts for Thursday!

xo Cat!

May 30, 2012

Sea Green

Sea Green

3 1 Phillip Lim 80s fashion
$310 -

Fat Face skirt
£15 -

Oasis flat heels
$30 -

Wedge heels
$225 -

Tote handbag
$20 -

Sydney Evan chain jewelry
$1,255 -

Dolce Gabbana floral shawl
$318 -

Juicy Couture bow hat
$55 -

Hair bow accessory
$20 -

Metal sunglasses
$577 -


Loving this trend right now. Will be trying lots of these out this summer ;)

Ombré Umbrella...via by ethanollie on Etsy!
Ombré DIY Entry Hall via
Ombré DIY Mani...can't wait to try this one! via
Ombré top via ModCloth!
Ombré DIY Paint Chip Chandelier via
Ombré wooden serving spoons via 

May 29, 2012

A Little Style!

Courtesy of hatsgaloore over on Polyvore (via Pinterest) 

xo Cat!

New over in the shop and other Monday (wait it's Tuesday) Ramblings...

Not so so new but new enough to where I haven't shared on ze blog yet.

Find this and more on my Etsy and over at

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is feeling rested and productive!

More exciting work and news to come.

xo Cat!

May 25, 2012


I want to wish you all an amazing weekend. Enjoy the extra day of sleeping in (if you have one) and just breathe and enjoy this unofficial beginning of Summer!

Me...I'll be taking tons of pictures, splashing in pools, ponds, and rivers and. more importantly, will just be enjoying life and what it's been bringing me lately. With all of the doubts and stress we all face every single day, I can honestly say that I'm happy, focused, determined, and better than ever! 

Next week (it's always next week isn't it) is going to be chock full of amazing accomplishments, reaching out, blogging!, and just plain 'ole happenings that I create. 

Until the next time...Have a beautiful weekend! 

xo Cat!

Lots 'O Tadoos!

Hell no I'm not overwhelmed!

I've spent this past week scheming and dreaming and plan to put ALL of my to-do's into action over and after this long weekend.

I actually started a new list after I took this shot so we can add this up to 12 13 notes now! Whoever said Virgos (with Cancer rising!) weren't overly organized, compulsive list writers is just simply wrong! There is definitely a method to my madness and when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I just condense a list so I can keep it moving and keep the post-it's from creeping into my creative space and out of the way! See...simple! ;)

Love. Love. Love.

May 23, 2012

Hippy Dippy Lovely Style

If you know me you know that I'm a hippy and am obsessed with anything related to the late 60s and early (PRE-DISCO) days of the 70s. If you don't already follow me over on Pinterest cool because I'm slappin' up some of my latest inspiration images for the summer.

My hair is long, headbands and scarves are about to come out, short denim and long skirts...sigh! The colors and styling in these images are amazing.

xo Cat!

 and more!

Well hello there. Trying to get back into the swing of things on this end and I'm glad I can finally say that is finally finished!! It took me more time than expected because of the move and other life happenings but it's finally here and I'm really proud of it.

I'd also like to tell you that I'm beyond motivated and enthused to look forward and pick back up where I left things off. The new revised blog is coming soon (I know I keep saying that) but I swear it is! Actually blog, logo, etc. (If you could see how many different lists I have on my desk right now your jaw would probably drop but they are as organized as can be and EVERYTHING will get done! *note to self: take pic of lists on my desk to share mi vida

I spent most of yesterday playing catch up on blogs and twitter and pinterest (and on and on) so my coding day got bumped back on the list BUT as you can see, I'm sitting here and trying to work; work without giving into distractions is a whole other story!

Ok...enough ranting for now. Here are two big things. Please check out when you have a sec. Like I said before, I'm a proud Momma and it's been long overdue.

Secondly, I'd like to announce that I am on bloglovin! now and you are more than welcome to head on over there and add me to your list if you feel obliged. Follow my blog with Bloglovin!!!

I'll be back soon...have my lists to check off but tons of ideas, pics, and food-isms to share this week.

Happy Humpday xo

May 22, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Took a much needed trip this past weekend and fell in love (hard)!

I'm in the middle of renovations over here at ceciliblue but who doesn't love a good photo montage while waiting right?

Hope you're all having an incredible week so far xo