June 22, 2011

Food for Thought and an Annual Update!

Nanners, Straws, and Rice Milk alongside a healthy dose of Bee Pollen

I'm trying to get back into eating Vegan again...I know I was on a roll here for a while but I definitely fell off of the RAW train and hopped onto the Dairy tugboat! I even started back up on poultry and the occasional burger too but I won't sit here and go down a list of all of the vice's I gave in to. Point is, I'm back on track and am trying my darndest to stay here and not stand on a soap box shouting outcries and lecturing family and friends every time they bite into something bad.

Today I started off with a bowl of bananas, strawberries, granola (a handful), and rice milk. I also charged up with two tsp. of bee pollen (an incredible source of proteins and vitamins!).

For those of you who haven't tried it or need to try it again, Rice Milk is a great milk/dairy alternative and it really does taste like regular milk!

Summer Spritzer
I also had a really great juice for my mid-day meal! I juiced two super-juicy oranges, five carrots, and about ten strawberries. I had half a mango left over from some AMAZING Guac I'd made yesterday and I threw that in there as well. I'm sure you're already picturing it but it was Super Delicious. It made about 16 oz. worth of juice and I mixed sparkling water in with it so it had a bit of a "spritzer" feel to it.

Oh yeah...speaking of the Guac I mentioned, I had that too. No picture because I was too hungry and just ate it before I took a snapshot but it was so perfect. For my Guac here's what I usually throw in:
2-3 avos
1-2 ripe roma vine tomatoes
1/2 a sweet yellow onion
handful chopped cilantro
1 lime (squeezed of course)
2-3 cloves of garlic
diced mango and/or pineapple (just eyeball it)
Salt and Pepper to taste (and please use sea salt and fresh cracked pepper!)

And presto! There you have it...the best guac you may have ever had. I like mine a little chunky but you can mash and mix away if you want to.

I've also been snacking on baby carrots throughout the day. I had those with an incredible serving of Albacore Tuna. Yes. I'm still eating seafood. I don't think there's anything wrong (health wise or ethically) about fish. It's another good source of protein and I eat it sparingly.

I've been either starting or finishing my day with a BIG salad filled with romaine, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, toms, carrots, and a few organic croutons. The croutons help me not miss cheese and curbs my carbs cravings. Some days I throw  beans in it, or an egg, and always fresh cracked pepper...but no cheese!

A green juice is definitely in the near future and before I go to bed! I'll let you know how it goes and what's in it.

Peace and Love!

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