August 14, 2011

True Friend

This may or may not become an ongoing post theme...I'd like to start getting more candid images like this one with other people I hold near and dear.

In the meantime, I had to share this photo of me and my best friend/main man Roberto, i.e., my amazing boyfriend Rob. He truly is my best friend and, on rainy days like today, he can wipe away any frustration or bad energy I may have had going on...and believe me, this week's been a rough one.

So this pic is a toast to all of us out there in the Universe who may, or may not, have that special someone out there who can make you laugh and allow you to be yourself. If you have someone in your life right now let them know how much you love them. And if you haven't found that person yet, don't lose faith! They're out there...

je t'aime 

All You Need is Love xoxo

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