October 19, 2011

Food for Thought

Breakfast...I'm in a very weird Asparagus and Egg mood! 
Filling up on Red Roobios tea; keeps me going throughout the day!
Dinner...lots of beans and brown rice, a Mahi filet and more beans (green ones!)

Just a quick food for thought post since I've been so busy this week working on wrapping up certain projects and beginning new ones. I'm happy with developments and wish I had an extra 12 (or 20) hours in the day to fit more things in. For now I'm trying to keep pushing forward and continue knocking things off of my list!

Today's goal is to get to the Post Office by 5pm so I can put the photos I shot for an event in the mail (all whilst fitting in other things of course).

I'll be back with more news and updates in a bit!

Be Happy :)

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