December 19, 2011


Hand Poured Soy Wax Clove Bud and Citrus Essential Oil Candles!!!

Lavender and Vanilla Bean!!

I finally got these up in my shop last week and I am very very proud of what I was able to create and accomplish. I've got more work coming (fine art prints, scarves, jewelry, calendars, lip balm, totes...ahhhh, the list just keeps growing and I'm nothing but excited to see it all come into fruition). 

That being said, things have been pretty hectic and busy and I can't turn off my brain...not that that is a bad thing I suppose! 

I'm off to sit down for 20 minutes and try to "unwind" and not allow myself to make any type of list but that's something I seem unable to do; I will sit down and at least try though. 

And while I may have missed my Christmas window (lesson learned for next year as far as timing), I'm making sure to have enough in my shop to keep the momentum going and to have a great New Year event planned. 

Peace and Love!
greeting cards and post cards galore!
 ...and these are hand painted from the little illustrations series. Plan to keep this going throughout the year as well as get into invitations and other paper goods!

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