January 12, 2012

Quick Drop-In!

caught in the rain©

Just a quick hello and then I'm off to work on all of my Valentine's pieces and new shop items...I'd like to have them all up by tomorrow.

I've had a wonderful time illustrating this week and using my hands to make other art pieces as well.

That being said, I realize I didn't share my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 and I'm going to quickly throw them out here into the Universe (via blog...lol):

2012 Resolutions:

Love and Spiritual Growth  
Focus on ceciliablue design and branding-keep building new products!
Mae Mag (more to come on that later) 
Juice and Exercise daily; lose lbs
Find a Literary Agent
Travel (Tulum, Portland, London/Paris)
Attend Alt Design Summit
Booth at Artscape
Interior/Life Style book 
etc., etc., etc...

The list just keeps growing and I've even left some "little" items off (like buy CS5.5 and a Food Processor). The point is that I make a list every year and, for the last few years, I've made lists and for all intents and purposes, at the end of the year, I've usually accomplished the big ones.

Cheers to a productive and smooth year!!!

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