December 13, 2012

Holiday DIY-ing

Christmastime is here...and I've been adding little touches around the (rents) house to get us all in the spirit.

I scooped up some leftover tree branches from the lot when the kids and I helped my sister pick out her very first tree and I had every intention of saving these castaways. Just because they were at the bottom of the trunk doesn't mean they don't deserve to join in the holiday festivities too!

Keep in mind I have grand plans like this all the time and the fact that I actually went through with this has made me feel beyond productive

All I had to do was snip branches at various lengths, combine them at the base and make good use out of the drawer filled with leftover twist ties (you know...the ones from loaves of bread). Even remnant scraps that were too short or think have been put to good use since I've mixed them in with bowls full of pine cones and other decorations.

Maybe I'll go back and get enough to the the banister and make a wreath?? Maybe pigs will fly too but I can dream!

work in progress

up on the mantle

...and used throughout the house

Happy Holidays!

I brought home lots of cut off ends from the trees as well...and have an idea of how I'll put those to good use too. But that will have to be saved for another day!

xo Cat!

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