July 21, 2011


 I think we all have our list of women that inspire us! I have a top three and I am always checking in and on what they've been doing in their loves and in the world. Whether it be in business, fashion, spirituality, etc., etc. 

These images not only inspire me visually, but also creatively...they help me focus and validate my drive and purpose. 

The ever-fabulous Nicole Richie. She may have been obnoxious and snooty in her earlier days of Paris and The Simple Life! but her dynamic evolution and business success, along with her "somewhat" quiet life she leads now with her children and husband, (a good boy from Maryland). She's a pure fashionista and I think she's incredible!   

On top of fashion sense she's devoted to charities like UNICEF, The Art of Elysium, and her own charity,  The Richie Madden Children's Foundation. A happy family, successful clothing line, compassion, and life on the go is all I ask for!
My Mentor...even though she hasn't officially agreed to the personal commitment yet! I'm ever-grateful to have her be mine from afar for now. Diane Von Furstenberg is everything business and lifestyle savvy that I aspire to become.
"To Help, Give, and Inspire is a Privilege." DVF

I can't even begin to explain in too much detail how heavy of an impact she and her foundations have made on local and international communities. The following is a rundown of this funds she serves on the board of, has created herself, or is heavily involved in in some way, shape, ore form:


Femme Fatale! I hope to have seen the success, love, passion, and commitment on some level closer to what she's been able to achieve when I'm rockin' stilettos at 64! 

And finally Rosario Dawson...her natural beauty, brains, and talent are unsurpassed in my humble opinion.
On top being an incredibly talented actress and singer, she has founded or supported the following charities:

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