March 19, 2012

Positive Start!

"Make Me Shed" Red Ruby Elixir!
I've got a preposterous amount of L.B.'s to lose and I said goodbye to my good friend "afternoon cocktails" yesterday and woke up this morning feeling motivated and positive.

I can't let all of our going ons...what with the move, packing, kids sports, and most importantly, falling behind on ceciliablue effect my body any longer.

It's an hour out of my day to work out and juicing may be a bitch to clean up afterwards but it's vital to me shrinking in time to be a proud Mom and girlfriend this it poolside or at ze beach.

Whatever goal(s) you've got...keep your head up and go back to where you left things off!

We Can Do It!!!

p.s.-the juice pictured above has the following in it:
  • whole grapefruit (peeled)
  • whole orange (peeled)
  • two fuji apps 
  • 2 full size juicing carrots
  • 1 whole beet (peeled)
Enjoy Your Day!


  1. Good for you!! Keep up that positive attitude. And you're right...working out is only an hour out of your day and then it's DONE.
    I'm currently training for a marathon right now, and even though I'm basically HATING it right before every run, I keep telling myself that it's just an hour or two out of my day. That's all. Then it's done and I'll feel better for it! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It's good to know we're all out here working on goals...good luck on your marathon.