October 21, 2009

My Daily Note from the Universe!

When it comes to setting aside a little time each day to visualize, Catrell, look at it like this:

No matter how distracted you become or how confused you are about the process, the simple fact that you gave your dream this time and attention means you did it correctly, you did it long enough, and that by the time you open your eyes, already in the unseen, huge wheels have begun turning.


You think I'd make it hard?
Your humble servant,
The Universe

Catrell, always, you are so much more prone to success, fulfillment, and happiness, than to anything you might be afraid of.

So it may be an odd way to start out but I truly do enjoy getting my little notes from the Universe everyday. I don't often share them with people but this one was very inspiring (they usually are though).

I'm on a mission to clean out my body, get rid of all its toxins and begin a new, vibrant, healthy, clear-minded, soul stirring life for my family and I. There are some very exciting new paths developing in my life right now, soon to come and be told and heard but, for now, I'm keeping them tucked away in my pocket because I'm not a fan of talking about things that have not been solidified yet.

All I will say is this—as happy—truly—as I am right now, there's a balance that is off and I need to have it in order to gain focus and insight into my future. My future for my children, career change, life-change.

There is a yogi deep down inside of me and I'm going to let her out! That balanced, in tune, flax cracker eating chickie that's been screaming beneath all the layers of stomach fat, an alcohol absorbed liver, tired, allergy-filled body I have abused. I'm tired of it. My little yogi is tired of it and she's dying to finally come out!

Peace, Love and Infinite Possibilities!

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